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      Super Beer Kitchen Brawl

      The First Annual Super Beer KitchenBrawl will feature an unusual twist on the regular beer dinner! Featuring beers from Goldhorn Brewery and Great Lakes will be paired with two local guest chefs facing off in a food pairing challenge to kick your taste buds. Chef Ricardo Savdoval (Fat Cats) will be facing off with Chef Cody (Gunselmans Tavern) in this culinary pairing twist, creating four plates to test your pallet. We look forward to seeing your there and seeing which chef can achieve a flawless victory! - Beer Offerings: - Goldhorn - Deadman's Curve, Polka City Pilsner, Drag Me Through Fire Smoked Red IPA, Fogarty Clan Irish Stout. - Great Lakes Brewery - Crushworthy, Nosferatu, Tropicoastal, Fitz/Oatmeal Stout - Chef Ricardo - Lumpia- braised beef, cabbage, carrot, onion, Nuoc Cham dipping sauce - Mango salad- cashews, chili dipping dressing - Korean barbecue St. Louis rib- house kimchi slaw - Chocolate cake- orange marmalade, spiced whipped cream -Chef CodyChicken Lollypop - Poached drum, spicy dust, blue cheese dressing - Brown butter walleye cheek - Lobster risotto, asparagus, citrus burre - Braised Beef shin - Barley risotto, Brussels, Demi butter sauce(Demi-burre) - Double smoked bacon - Maple ice cream, black pepper Carmel -Parking:The Brewery will be closed but open for attendees of this event. Plenty of space for all to spead out! Parking can be found on the front and back sides of the building, there is additional overflow parking across the street at Standard Ave. & E 55th St. - Tickets:Advance tickets are required at $50/person. Includes 4 beers and 4 small plates per brewery / per chef (8 total) -Proceeds benefit Malone Scholarship Program. Must be 21 and over. ID required All ticket sales are final, non-refundable.
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      • Great Lakes
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