• Flagship Event

      CBW Barrel Aged Bash

      It begins with a craft beer. Add a barrel and time and you create a version that is well worth the wait. 7 Distilleries, 6 from Ohio and 1 from KY, donated barrels to 7 local brewers to create an offering of special CBW Barrel aged beers. Join us at Butcher and the Brewer for a high spirited afternoon of sipping barrel aged beer and spirit companions, amazing food and music by Thor Platter and friends. Advance tickets are required at $55.00 per person. 7 beer samples and spirit samples and delicious food sampling. Proceeds benefit Malone Scholarship Program. Must be 21 and over. ID required All ticket sales are final, non-refundableBrewers:Saucy Brew Works - BA Boo Thang 8.7%Great Lakes Brewing Co. - Chocolate Covered Pretzel Imperial Stout 13.5%Butcher and the Brewer - Winking Lizard Select Buffalo Trace Barrel-Aged Midnight Oil 12.5%Butcher and the Brewer - The Adult Peanut Butter Cup BA Imperial Coffee stout 12.5%Collision Bend - Tangled Webs 10.8%Noble Beast - Bourbon Barrel Aged Murder Ballads Baltic Porter 8.2%Masthead Brewing Co. - Fool Me Twice 12.6%Terrestrial Brewing Co. - Shrub Life 4.5%Barrels:Cleveland WhiskeyRed Eagle DistilleryWatershed DistilleryTom's Foolery Farm & DistilleryMiddle West SpiritsBuffalo TraceWestern Reserve DistilleryThe Food:Charcuterie Station - Pork Rinds, Pimento Cheese, Jerky, snack styx and chow chowHot Station - BBQ chicken drums, Andouille w/ peppers and onion, sweet potato hashPanzanella saladMore to come...
      • Butcher and the Brewer
      • Collision Bend Brewing Co.
      • Great Lakes
      • Masthead Brewing Co.
      • Noble Beast
      • Saucy Brew Works
      • Terrestrial Brewing
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