• Flagship Event

      9h Annual CBW Cask Night

        • Brick & Barrel
          1844 Columbus Road
          Cleveland 44113
      Join us for the 9th Annual CBW Cask Night featuring 12 unique one-time special creations and a few special pins & firkins from our friends at other local breweries.Tapping will start at 6:00 p.m. at Brick and Barrel. There will be Brick And Barrel beers (including special beers) available for purchase by the pint. Cask volumes are limited so when they are gone they are gone. Guest breweries to include: Collision Bend, Bookhouse, Brick and Barrel, Butcher and Brewer, Market Garden, Fat Heads, Terrestrialand more to comeHere are some of the casks that will be featured for the event (more to come):Akronym Brewing Spicer St Christmas AleBookhouse Brewing Study Session: Citra Session IPABrick and Barrel Brewing Hazy Wheat IPAButcher and the Brewer DDH Drinker Nisti Black IPA, Farmers Daughter SaisonFat Head's Brewery DDH Head Head Hunter withgrapefruitMarket Garden Brewery 2-Bit Pirate - Rum Barrel Aged Stout with strawberries and caramelized brown sugarNoble Beast Brewing Co. Hop Fever Wet Hop PaleTerrestrial Brewing Company - Morning Halp! - Breakfast Stout on Famous Amos chocolate chip cookiesThe Brew Kettle Brewery - Kitka's Got a Brand New Bag - Raspberry Chocolate Milk StoutTickets are $30 and tickets are limited!
      • Akronym Brewing
      • Bookhouse Brewing
      • Brew Kettle
      • Brick & Barrel
      • Butcher and the Brewer
      • Collision Bend Brewing Co.
      • Fat Heads
      • Market Garden
      • Noble Beast
      • Terrestrial Brewing
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