• Flagship Event

      Beer, Chocolate and Cheese Extravaganza

        • Heinen's Downtown
          900 Euclid Avenue
          Cleveland 44115
      Bringing the best of all tastes together. Beer pairs beautifully with both chocolate and cheese. The beautiful Heinens Downtown Rotunda hosts this fabulous showcase of craft beers from top breweries and artisanal chocolates and cheese.Meet brewery and chocolatier reps, experience amazing pairings and enjoy this interactive, walk-around event.Advance tickets are required at $40/person. Date night special - 2 for $75. 20 beer samples with chocolate and cheese samplong throughout the event.Proceeds benefit Malone Scholarship Program. Must be 21 and over. ID requiredAll ticket sales are final,non-refundable.Sponsored by: Heinen's, Rhinegeist, Saucy Brew Works, Goose Island, Breckenridge, and Chef CubeBeer, Chocolate and Cheese List - a few more still to come..Calfe - Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati)Mushhushu - Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati)Franz - Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati)Slangria - Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati)Cheetah - Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati) TBD - Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati)What's His Nuts? - Saucy Brew Works (Cleveland) Drift or Gose Home Saucy Brew WorksThree Ho's - Saucy Brew WorksHabituale - Saucy Brew WorksLove You, Bye - Saucy Brew WorksASAP - Saucy Brew Works Hop Peak - Breckenridge Brewery (Littleton, CO)Strawberry Sky - Breckenridge Brewery (Littleton, CO)Well Built - Breckenridge Brewery (Littleton, CO)Vanilla Porter - Breckenridge Brewery (Littleton, CO)312 Urban Wheat Goose IslandIPA - Goose IslandNext Coast IPA - Goose IslandBourbon Country original '18 - Goose IslandBig Wave - Kona Brewing Co. (Kona, HI)Gold Cliff IPA - Kona Brewing Co. (Kona, HI)Hibiscus Brut Kona Brewing Co. (Kona, HI). Longboard Lager Kona Brewing Co. (Kona, HI). Millenial Hipster Boss DogBoysenberry Brew DogApricot Brew DogYakima Fresh ColumbusGo Kart Ghost ColumbusOrganic Chocolate Sam SmithsTaddy Porter Sam SmithsLindemans Apple Saison Market GardenFeats of Stregth Market GardenPumking Southern TierCrme Brule Southern TierBlack Out Great LakesOhio City Great Lakes
      • Boss Dog Brewing
      • Breckenridge
      • Brew Dog
      • Columbus Brewing Company
      • Goose Island
      • Great Lakes
      • Kona
      • Lindemans
      • Market Garden
      • Rhinegeist
      • Sam Smith
      • Saucy Brew Works
      • Southern Tier
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