• Collaboration Turf Wars- Lakewood

        • Burgers 2 Beer (Lakewood)
          14725 Detroit Ave
          Lakewood 44107
        • Forage Public House
          14600 Detroit Avenue
          Lakewood 44107
        • Melt Lakewood
          14718 Detroit Ave
          Lakewood 44107
        • O'Toole's Pub & Restaurant
          13601 Detroit Avenue
          Lakewood 44107
        • Rozi's Wine House
          14900 Detroit Avenue
          Lakewood 44107
        • Winking Lizard Lakewood
          14018 Detroit Road
          Lakewood 44118
      Our official opening ceremony! With so many new local breweries - we decided to keep things completely local and see who has the right to brag. Dividing our region up into teams by turf, 33 LOCAL breweries created 7 small-batch collaboration IPA's brewed just for us and only available together on draft for Collaboration Kickoffs! Pick up your passport and walk to neighborhood bars to taste all 7 beers. Tickets are $25/person and include samples of all beers across the locations in your chosen neighborhood. Must be 21 years of age. Advance tickets are required; no onsite sales. Proceeds benefit Malone Scholarship Program. Check in at Winking Lizard.CLE E - Haze You Guys, New England Style IPACLE W - Hop Swagger, Imperial India Pale AleDOWNTOWN - CLE After Dark, Black IPAFLATS - Flandria Flats IPA - Blegium StyleOHIO CITY - Testy Lager, Wet Hopped India Pale LagerWEST - Ice Dragon White IPALAKE - Salt Miner's IPA, Session IPABeers on draft and available for purchase at your local Heinens all through Beer Week.
      • Avon Brewing Co.
      • BottleHouse
      • Brew Kettle
      • Brick & Barrel
      • Brim Brewery
      • Butcher & Brewer
      • Chardon Brew Works
      • Cleveland Brewery
      • Collision Bend Brewing Co.
      • Cornerstone
      • Double Wing Brewing
      • Euclid Brewing Co,
      • Fat Heads
      • Forest City Brewery
      • Goldhorn Brewery
      • Great Lakes
      • Hansa Brewery
      • Hofbrau
      • Jolly Scholar
      • Market Garden
      • Masthead Brewing Co.
      • Nano Brew Cleveland
      • Noble Beast
      • Platform
      • Portside
      • Railroad Brewing
      • Rocky River
      • Saucy Brew Works
      • Sibling Revelry
      • Terrestrial Brewing
      • Thirsty Dog
      • Willoughby
      • Working Class Brewery
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